AGV fleet
AGV fleet

AGV fleet: Tailor-made with EOS

The advent of Industry 4.0 establishes automation as the central axis of high-performance, secure production. At the heart of this revolution, fleets of AGVs (autonomous guided vehicles) are emerging as an essential solution for industrial companies.

EOS, a specialist in automated transport systems, stands out in the design and production of autonomous vehicle assemblies adapted to the specific needs of major industrial sites. Discover the advantages of our customized services.

Easy-to-configure, versatile AGV fleets

EOS industrial AGVs, already in action in high value-added sectors such as the nuclear industry, offer versatility for transporting heavy loads, such as loads of paper or aeronautical components.

Manufacturers in France and Europe now benefit from EOS’ customized AGV fleet management services, ensuring an optimized and secure production process. With a fleet of between 2 and 25 autonomous vehicles, EOS meets the varied automated transport needs of different sectors.

EOS’ expertise in the field of self-guided vehicles includes the in-house development of advanced management software, capable of precisely regulating vehicle traffic and setting priorities, for example. We provide initial system configuration and on-site training for your staff, enabling them to use the system independently.

Customized Design for Adapted Transport


When it comes to internal conveying systems, it's essential to have machines that are perfectly adapted to your activity. EOS autonomous vehicles are designed to meet the specific needs of large-scale industrial sites. Each fleet is designed to meet specific challenges and enable precise navigation, even in atypical environments.

Custom solutions

EOS excels in providing tailor-made solutions for automated conveying, whether for standard materials or tasks requiring delicate handling, such as the transport of loose parts. Sensors and cameras ensure safe operations. Our AGVs are also capable of transporting loads ranging from a few kilograms to several dozen tonnes.

Design always starts with a complete audit of your production needs and processes, to ensure smooth, efficient integration.

Advanced Automation for Optimum Performance

Meeting your needs

Automation via AGVs has become an essential component of industrial sites. At EOS, we design AGV fleets in harmony with existing production systems and your specific industrial processes.

Performance gains

Investing in a tailor-made AGV fleet means a significant improvement in industrial performance.

AGV Retrofit and Upgrade

EOS doesn’t just offer new automation solutions. Our company also offers a retrofit service for your active AGVs. This service is aimed at modernizing or upgrading autonomous vehicles to extend their lifespan, boost performance and ensure compliance with the latest safety standards.

AGV retrofitting is a cost-effective solution for manufacturers wishing to improve their transport systems without investing in new equipment.

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