Retrofit Snox
Retrofit Snox

Retrofit Snox: cost-effective, tailor-made modernization with EOS

The retrofit of SNOX AGVs offered by EOS represents a cost-effective, tailor-made solution. This approach preserves the basic mechanical assembly of the AGVs, which has a dual advantage. First of all, from an economic point of view, it avoids having to repeat a complete study, thus reducing design and engineering costs. On the other hand, from an ecological point of view, this approach is in line with a logic of reuse, preserving around 95% of the AGV’s initial mass. By retrofitting existing systems, this significantly reduces waste while providing an efficient upgrade.

Thanks to its in-depth, privileged knowledge of Snox models, EOS is able to offer its customers a cost-effective solution.

Limiting Technical Risks

The AGV retrofit process at EOS ensures that technical risks are kept to a minimum. By not modifying the mechanical aspect of AGVs, the tool remains perfectly adapted to the products or parts to be transported. This preserves existing interfaces with the customer’s other machines, reducing the risk of malfunctions or incompatibilities in the operational process.

Upgrading Usage Requirements

Retrofitting SNOX brand AGVs includes upgrading operating requirements, with the addition of advanced, modern functionalities. This includes, in particular, an on-board graphical user interface to make control easier for the user. What’s more, advanced diagnostic tools are integrated to analyze the condition of all components, simplifying preventive maintenance and ensuring optimum operational availability.

Safety Requirements Upgrade

The retrofit proposed by EOS is an opportunity to voluntarily apply the new safety standards. By guaranteeing compliance with the latest safety regulations, the modernization of SNOX brand AGVs incorporates devices and technologies designed to ensure a safe and secure working environment, thus meeting the most recent requirements in this field.

Snox retrofit by EOS: unique expertise

EOS has unique expertise in retrofitting SNOX AGVs. This specialization is reinforced by the presence on the team of a former engineer who worked at SNOX, bringing in-depth knowledge of systems. In addition, a number of EOS engineers have worked with SNOX on AGV projects, combining direct operational experience with the brand’s products to ensure a thorough understanding of the technical and operational specifics of SNOX AGVs.

We are also able to offer rebuild / modernization services for AGVs of all kinds. Just ask us.

Maintainability of retrofitted AGVs: key to production tool reliability

The maintainability of retrofitted AGVs is a fundamental pillar in guaranteeing the reliability of the production tool for the user. To ensure continuity and operational availability, EOS is committed to supplying retrofitted equipment made up of the latest materials. These components, which are essential to the smooth operation of AGVs, are selected with a view to guaranteeing their availability at the time of purchase and their technical support over a period of at least 10 years. This approach aims to secure our customers’ investment by ensuring the long-term operational continuity of their retrofitted AGVs, avoiding premature component obsolescence and guaranteeing reliable, long-term equipment operation.

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