Retrofit AGV
Retrofit AGV

Retrofit AGV: Improve the performance of your AGVs with EOS

In the face of technological change and increased demands in terms of industrial performance, AGV retrofitting is becoming an essential step for companies.

Specializing in the creation of industrial AGVs, EOS also stands out for its ability to offer retrofit services that maintain the mechanical integrity of AGVs while incorporating the latest technological advances. A major asset for industries looking for solutions that are both economical and high-performance.

Whether for autonomous vehicles transporting heavy loads in the nuclear sector or for more conventional applications, EOS brings its know-how to all industrial players, guaranteeing a high quality of service. AGV retrofit service that meet the most stringent industry standards and improve equipment life and performance.

EOS retrofit services for industrial AGVs

EOS is a specialist in the modernization of autonomous guided vehicles, providing companies with cutting-edge expertise to extend the life of their equipment while incorporating the latest technological innovations. This approach is not only economical, but also ecological, since the original structure of the AGV is preserved. By choosing EOS to retrofit your AGVs, you benefit from :

Thanks to an approach focused on the availability of components for at least 10 years and responsive technical support, EOS enables you to protect your investment over the long term.

Retrofitting special AGVs: EOS expertise on SNOX

The retrofit of SNOX AGVs by EOS is a perfect example of our company’s capacity for innovation. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of these special models, EOS is able to offer manufacturers a tailor-made, cost-effective solution. By retaining the original mechanics and modernizing the electrical components, EOS has succeeded in providing a high-performance upgrade without a total redesign.

There are many advantages to this specialization:

This unique expertise is due in part to the presence on our team of engineers who have worked directly with the SNOX brand, making all the difference in terms of service quality.

Real knowledge of standards for fully compliant retrofits


Mastering industry standards is a crucial aspect of AGV updating. EOS stands out for its advanced knowledge of industry standards, an essential skill for guaranteeing not only the performance but also the safety of retrofitted AGVs.


This retrofit process goes hand in hand with strict compliance with new safety regulations, a commitment that testifies to EOS's determination to offer solutions that are both innovative and reliable.

With a track record of success, EOS has established itself as a reliable and innovative player in the retrofit of self-guided vehicles, ready to meet the challenges posed by today's industrial challenges. If you would like further information about our services or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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