Transfer machines

Transfer machines: Customized service with EOS

Modern industry requires innovative solutions to optimize production processes. At the heart of this revolution are the transfer machines.

These specialized units facilitate the precise movement of materials and parts between different workstations, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Special machines: the key role of transfer machines

Special machines represent a vast field of industrial robots designed for specific tasks.

Among them, industrial transfer machines stand out for their ability to handle and move products from point A to point B with precision. Whether for rotary or linear transfer, these machines are essential in sectors such as the automotive, nuclear, aeronautics and space industries. Their configuration is often complex, requiring the installation of cameras and sensors to guarantee flawless precision, especially when handling bulk products such as tubes.

EOS: a benchmark in special machine design

Founded in 2010 and based in the Lyon region, EOS has become a leading provider of special machine design services in France and Europe. This area currently accounts for 70% of our services.

Whether you’re a prime contractor or an SME looking to automate your processes, EOS has the solution. Our machines can perform all types of tasks according to your needs: tube bending, press-fitting operations…

Thanks to our expertise in automation, including platforms such as Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff and Schneider, we can guarantee manufacturers a smooth transition to automation and optimized production with unrivalled precision and reliability.

A complete process, from idea to realization

Experience & versatility

The real strength of EOS lies in its ability to work with customers from the earliest stages of a project. Whether you come to us with a simple idea, a precise need or a pre-established specification, we're here to guide you.


After an initial mechanical study to define the most suitable equipment, the EOS design office validates the chosen technologies. Each project takes into account the customer's requirements, as well as the constraints specific to its activity. Once the design has been validated, the process of sourcing and ordering components begins, followed by manufacturing. Everything is done in-house, guaranteeing complete control over the final product.

Delivery, in-house training: a turnkey service

EOS’s mission does not end with the delivery of the machine. Our company makes sure that each production unit is properly set up on site and that employees are trained to use it optimally.

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