Small series
Small series machining

Small series machining: The EOS solution for precision mechanics

Machining small series represents a major challenge for manufacturers. When it comes to guaranteeing impeccable quality while meeting tight deadlines, companies need a reliable partner.

Based in Lyon, EOS is the obvious choice for those seeking excellence and know-how inmachining in Lyon.

EOS expertise: over a decade of machining services

Founded in 2010, EOS has rapidly established itself as a leader in precision mechanics in the Rhône-Alpes region. The company has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and testing of industrial parts, special machines and tube bending machines.

Whether for technical or machine parts, each component is manufactured with the utmost care. EOS also ensures that each part undergoes rigorous quality control, guaranteeing consistent quality.

A diversified machine park for complete machining services

Small series

The EOS infrastructure is equipped with manual machines, two turning lathes and three milling machines. Particular attention is paid to parts produced in small batches, from 20 to 200 units.


Each part goes through a series of operations: Turning, then milling and eventually a return to turning. The part is usually sent to a partner subcontractor for heat treatment, making it more resistant. This in-house manufacturing process guarantees the control and quality of the finished product.

Quality commitment: From design to inspection

Quality service

Our focus on quality is one of EOS's key strengths. Once the creation of a part or a range of parts has been completed, EOS is equipped with an inspection machine to ensure conformity with a specific drawing. This guarantees quality not only across an entire series, but also from one order to the next.

Analysis of your needs

The EOS design office plays a central role, taking charge of unit prototypes right through to machine commissioning. With such a commitment to quality, customers can be sure of receiving first-rate products.

Proximity and personalization: EOS's watchwords

EOS is not just a machining company. It is a true partner for companies in the Rhône-Alpes region. Offering a local service, EOS can come to you, even for an audit of larger production runs.

The process generally begins with an e-mail exchange, in which the customer provides his plans. EOS then takes care of design, manufacture and inspection, while ensuring in-house delivery.

This integrated approach ensures smooth communication and customized follow-up.

They trust us
Machining mechanical parts and assemblies requires specialized expertise.

For all your small series production needs, EOS is the reference in Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region. With state-of-the-art machinery, a team of dedicated experts and tailor-made follow-up, EOS is sure to meet the most demanding industrial needs.

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