Terms of use
Terms of use

Terms of use

Identity of site operator

  • Manager : Arnaud ABATI
  • SIREN number: 521 791 376
  • Head office: ZA les 2B, 570 chemin de Derontet, 01360 Béligneux
  • Tel. no.: 04 78 21 99 60
  • Email : concact@eosystemes.fr
  • Intracommunity VAT number: FR 71 521 791 376
  • Publication manager: Nicolas Bergeret


  • Company name: OVH
  • Registered office: 2 rue Kellermann – BP 80157 59053 ROUBAIX CEDEX 1

Design & SEO

  • Webmarketing agency :

Intellectual property – Database protection

All elements of the Site, whether visual or audio, including the underlying technology, as well as the products and services offered, are protected by intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark or patent. They are the exclusive property of EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES, its partners or its content providers. Any reproduction, representation or reuse, in whole or in part, on any medium whatsoever is prohibited. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement of copyright, for which the infringer may be held civilly and criminally liable. The Internet user who has a personal Internet site and who wishes to place, for personal use, on his site a simple link referring directly to the Site, must request prior written authorization from EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES, without this authorization being considered as an implicit affiliation agreement. In all cases, any link must be removed on simple request from EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES.

It is forbidden to systematically extract and/or reuse parts of the Site without the prior written authorization of EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES. In particular, it is forbidden to use a data suction robot or any other similar data collection or extraction tool to extract (in one or more operations) or reuse a substantial part of the Site without the prior written authorization of EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES. It is forbidden to create and/or publish one’s own databases containing substantial parts of the Site without the prior written authorization of EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES.


EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES cannot be held responsible for interruptions to services due to the characteristics and limits of the Internet network, particularly in the case of interruptions to access networks, technical performance and response times for consulting the information contained on the Site. EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES is in no way responsible for interruptions to the Site’s services due to technical or other difficulties.

Given the intrinsic characteristics of the Internet, EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES does not guarantee the Internet user against the risks of misappropriation, intrusion, contamination and piracy of its data, programs and files. It is the responsibility of the Internet user to take all appropriate measures to protect his/her own data, programs and files, in particular against computer viruses.

EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever with respect to :

  • Consequences in the event of failure of an Internet user’s computer equipment and/or network (computer, telephone, etc.);
  • The consequences of interruption or failure of the Internet network and/or Internet access services;
  • The consequences of failure to comply with the instructions given by EATON OUTILLAGES SYSTEMES.
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