Manually Guided Vehicle

Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV): Tailor-made, comprehensive service with EOS

Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV) offer manufacturers transport and handling solutions that combine the flexibility of manual operations with the precision of automated guidance.

At EOS, we offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service for manual guided vehicles, designed to meet the precise requirements of each customer’s business and industrial processes.

The difference between an AGV (autonomous guided vehicle) and a MGV lies mainly in operational control, since the latter, guided by remote control, requires that every move be validated by an operator, with constant monitoring. The AGV operates automatically; its routes are programmed using software.

Manual guided vehicles to suit your needs

At EOS, we have genuine expertise in the design of these hand-guided vehicles.

Rather than directing you towards standardized vehicle models not fully adapted to your expectations, we adapt to the needs of your activity thanks to our mastery of the various possible kinematics and their practical use in the most demanding sectors such as aeronautics or space. In this way, we can guarantee safe and efficient load transport.

EOS is the ideal partner for companies seeking excellence.

Recognized expertise in custom MGV design

In-depth audit

For the design of industrial MGVs, we carefully analyze your needs during a customized audit before our mechanical and automation design office carries out the complete study.

Quality and performance

Our aim: to provide you with a solution that is not only high-performance, but also maintainable and adapted to your technological culture and working environment, in order to unleash the potential of your business and significantly improve your logistics operations.

EOS retrofit solutions for MGVs and AGVs

In line with our commitment to providing our customers with a complete solution, EOS also excels in the retrofit of MGVs and AGVs. We enable our customers to extend the lifespan of their existing equipment through upgrades that bring technology up to date, or replace certain components.

These enhancements do more than simply extend service life; they also improve operation and interaction with your guided vehicles.

On-site delivery and staff training

Thanks to EOS, you benefit from tailor-made support and a turnkey service that also includes delivery of your MGVs and on-site training of your staff for fully autonomous use.

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