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Special industrial machines: EOS, a team of experts at your service

Since 2010, EOS has been offering companies looking for a service provider to create a special industrial machine a complete service including custom design and manufacture, on-site installation and staff training.

Here we present our history, our experienced team and our machinery.

A company dedicated to the creation of special machines, retrofitting and machining

EOS (Eaton Outillages Systèmes) was founded in 2010 following the liquidation of Eaton Outillages Services, which had existed since 1999. Our company of 16 employees is based in Vaulx-en-Velin in the Lyon region, where our offices, design office and production workshops are located. Our business is built around 3 main specialties:

Today, special machines account for 70% of the services we provide. This speciality is truly part of the EOS DNA, and our team has many years’ experience in this field (over 30 years in the manufacture of bending machines). Machining accounts for 20% of our services, with the remaining 10% dedicated to retrofits.

We operate mainly in France and occasionally in Europe (Romania, Hungary, Spain, Portugal).



Liquidation of Eaton Outillages Services
Robert CLERC takes over the business
Start of SAS Eaton Outillages Systèmes.


Arnaud ABATI to take over EOS in February 2021



Jean BACHIR, Laurent DUBEC and Nicolas BERGERET join A3X + appointment as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

Meet our team

As a specialist in special machines and machining, EOS is structured into several key divisions:

The design office

which is divided into two major fields: automation/robotics/electrics and mechanics

The mechanical machine shop
Tool and machine assembly workshop
Sales activity
General administration

Four partners share the main responsibilities for company management and sales, and are heavily involved in design (three specialized in automation/robotics and one in mechanics) and machine commissioning.

They benefit from the efficient support of 12 employees with a wide range of skills and expertise:

An exceptional executive assistant

which is divided into two major fields: automation/robotics/electrics and mechanics

A sales agent

whose commitment is matched by his extensive experience

An experienced mechanical engineer and designer

contributing to several sectors of activity such as machining and tool and machine design

An experienced electrical designer

also provides on-site services (machine audits, maintenance, repairs, training, commissioning) and specializes in machine wiring.

A development and commissioning automation specialist

young member of the study team, benefiting from the support and training of a caring team

Two highly experienced mechanical fitters

in charge of assembling tooling and machines designed by our team, as well as maintenance of machining equipment and production quality control

A methods and production manager

who efficiently and rigorously manages a team of three milling/turning/cutting machinists, whose skills and professionalism have been firmly established over several decades

And we're always on the lookout for new talent to join our team.

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We’re extremely proud of our team, and we’re constantly committed to the success of our company. With our expertise, dedication and unwavering commitment to our customers, we are ready to meet any challenge.

Our machinery

When it comes to specific machines, retrofits or machining, we can count on the latest generation of machinery, enabling us to guarantee impeccable quality.

EOS owns :

We will also soon be acquiring a wire-cutting machine. All our machines are regularly updated.

Our technologies

EOS masters the following systems for automation on specific machines: Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff, Schneider. In terms of robotics, we have a particular specialization in the Fanuc brand, and in Siemens for bending machines.

They trust us

Contact us today to request information or an audit. We look forward to helping you bring your project to life.

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