Industrial robot integrator

Industrial robot integrator: Innovative robotization solutions for industry

Rapidly changing customer needs call for advanced, scalable technological solutions, to remain competitive and responsive. In this context, theintegration of industrial robots is both efficient and cost-effective. EOS offers comprehensive and efficient robotic integration services in this field.

Specializing in special machines, EOS designs and deploys customized robotic systems, adapted to the specific needs of each industrial customer. Whether you’re an SME or a major corporation, EOS can help you realize your robotic project, guaranteeing optimized, modern and scalable production.

Robotics project: Custom design by EOS

Industrial robotics projects require technical expertise and a personalized approach. At EOS, every robotics project begins with a detailed analysis of the customer’s current needs, and a discussion of future requirements. Thanks to a team of experts in robotization and automation, EOS designs industrial robotics solutions that can be integrated into production lines.

Whether for assembly, handling or packaging, EOS robot cells are synonymous with reliability, precision, speed and efficiency.

Robotic integration: EOS expertise at your service

Experience at your service

Robotics integration at EOS is not limited to robot installation. It encompasses the complete design of integrated systems, adapted to the specific needs of each industry. Whether you're in the automotive, aerospace or any other industry, EOS puts its experience and technology at your service, to integrate industrial robots into your production process.

EOS, serving your needs

In addition, EOS is committed to providing robotic solutions that meet its customers' safety, precision, budget and cycle time requirements.

Industrial robots: Durability and adaptability

Durability is a key aspect of the robotic cells designed by EOS. Not only do these cells optimize production tasks, they are also designed for scalability and durability. EOS also offers retrofit services to modernize and adapt existing machines to new technologies and market requirements. This approach guarantees a long service life for your equipment, while keeping you at the cutting edge of technology.

Training and support : EOS' commitment to its customers

At EOS, customer relations go beyond simply supplying robotic solutions. Our company offers real support, including customized training, so that our customers’ staff can fully exploit the capabilities of industrial robots. Whether the machines are new or retrofitted, EOS ensures that the end-users are fully conversant with the technologies involved, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and productivity.

Industrial robotization represents a major challenge for companies wishing to optimize their production and remain competitive. With EOS, manufacturers have a trusted partner capable of supporting them in the design, integration and training of advanced industrial robots. Whether in France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes or across Europe, EOS is a key player in industrial robotics innovation.

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