Industrial AGVs

Industrial AGVs: Optimize your production with AGVs tailored to your needs

EOS stands out for its ability to design industrial AGVs entirely tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Rather than offering standardized solutions, our approach is to create tailor-made AGVs, fully aligned with our customers’ operational requirements. This philosophy places the customer at the heart of the design process, enabling him to benefit from a perfectly adapted solution without compromise.

Our expertise lies in our ability to understand each customer’s unique needs in depth. Thanks to our specialized mechanical and automation design office, our mechanical engineering workshop and our commissioning team, we guarantee the implementation of an innovative, efficient, maintainable and open solution. This gives our customers the opportunity to optimize their operations without taking risks, consider new organizational improvements and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. By working closely with our customers, we pave the way for flexible, scalable AGV solutions tailored to every operational challenge.

Our services

Versatility without Limits : Discover the wide range of AGV solutions from EOS

EOS offers a wide range of applications for its industrial AGVs, adapted to a multitude of operational needs. These AGVs are versatile, capable of transporting various types of loads, whether pallets, products in crates or on special structures (tooling/interfaces), reels or any other specific format. Flexibility is our watchword: we can design solutions for loads ranging from a few dozen kilos to several tens of tons, meeting a wide variety of transport capacity requirements.

In terms of sectors of activity, our achievements cover a wide range of fields, from aeronautics and aerospace to plastics, nuclear, food processing, pharmaceuticals and many others. This versatility demonstrates our ability to adapt to the specific requirements of various industries. What’s more, our AGVs can be designed to operate both indoors and outdoors, offering solutions for a variety of environments, no matter how complex the working conditions.


AGV retrofit, an EOS specialty

EOS has acquired extensive expertise in the retrofitting of AGVs , in particular the SNOX brand, enabling users to significantly extend the life of their AGVs. We have successfully carried out several modernization projects that have enabled our customers to extend the viability of their existing AGVs by ten years or more. This approach ensures optimum maintainability by replacing obsolete components with modern, up-to-date ones that are readily available in the long term.

Retrofitting is not just a question of extending service life, it’s also an opportunity to improve AGV operation, such as optimizing interaction between operators and AGVs by offering a considerably improved user interface and diagnostics.

Our philosophy is based on openness: we provide our customers with all the information they need to ensure their autonomy in maintaining their AGV fleet. This includes comprehensive training programs, detailed documentation, schematics, drawings and even AGV programs in source code, enabling our customers to manage their equipment confidently and autonomously.

A turnkey AGV fleet with EOS

Unique know-how

EOS stands out from the crowd when it comes to taking care of all your AGV fleet needs. Beyond the design and manufacture of individual AGVs, our expertise extends to the creation of complete AGV fleets, adapted to large industrial installations. These units, ranging from 2 to 25 vehicles, are designed to work in synergy, under the control of a management system developed in-house by EOS.

A quality system

Our dedicated software ensures optimum management of these fleets, offering the flexibility needed to carry out different missions efficiently. Thanks to this system, it is possible to define traffic rules, customized routes and other critical parameters to ensure maximum production fluidity. EOS is committed not only to deploying this initial system, but also to training your team to use the solution autonomously.


A partner of choice for automated industrial handling

Although EOS has only been active in the AGV sector for a short time, we have already proven our efficiency and know-how in this field. Our employees have decades of experience in the AGV field. This expertise enables us to meet your requirements while taking into account the specific standards of different sectors and the constraints linked to your activity.

We offer you a tailor-made solution for your warehouse or production site, whether in France or elsewhere in Europe. Whether it’s autonomous robots for pallet transport, the creation of a complete AGV range, or the updating of an existing vehicle, EOS is the ideal partner for manufacturers seeking excellence.

They trust us

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