Automatic guided vehicle
Automatic Guided Vehicle

Automatic Guided Vehicle: Discover EOS AGV expertise

The modern industrial era is witnessing rapid change, with AGVs(Automatic Guided Vehicles) playing a key role. For this reason, companies at the cutting edge of innovation, such as EOS, have become essential partners for manufacturers wishing to optimize their production and logistics operations.

With many years’ experience in the field, our mission is to provide customized solutions that meet the precise requirements of each customer, taking into account the need for flexibility and efficiency. Discover our custom design and manufacturing services, as well as our retrofit services.

Tailor-made solutions for your industrial AGVs

Adaptability and precision are pillars of the EOS philosophy, which designs industrial AGVs for all types of industrial environments with automated transport needs. By putting the customer at the heart of the process, EOS guarantees that every solution we submit fully meets the customer’s specific expectations and constraints.

EOS’s in-depth knowledge of autonomous guided vehicles, combined with a thorough understanding of industry standards, positions our company as a leader in the supply of advanced customized systems.

The advantages of AGVs designed by EOS for industry

EOS stands out in the field of customized AGVs for its ability to design autonomous vehicles that meet the unique requirements of each industrial site. Whether moving heavy loads such as paper rolls or aeronautical components, EOS masters the art of customization and offers solutions for transferring loads ranging from a few kilos to several dozen tons.

EOS expertise for a reliable, cost-effective retrofit service

EOS’ technical expertise also extends to the modernization of existing AGVs of all types.

Service quality

We are particularly known for our expertise in Snox models. As we had already worked with this company on AGV projects before their production was discontinued, we have a unique knowledge of the original mechanics and systems, enabling us to carry out upgrades without altering the structure of the machine.


Regardless of the make or mechanics used, retrofitting AGVs extends their service life - a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment.

Our customers benefit from a significant improvement in performance and interaction between operators and machines, while maintaining compliance with current standards.

AGV fleet: the ideal solution for large industrial sites

In addition to individual solutions, EOS excels in the design and manufacture of AGV fleets. A set comprises between 2 and 25 vehicles, designed to operate in a coordinated fashion on large industrial sites.

Our company has developed standard software to manage each fleet with great precision: traffic rules, itineraries… Everything is configurable. Once your vehicles have been delivered, EOS trains your staff to modify the configuration independently.

EOS’ commitment is to a true partnership with our customers, and to tailor-made support to help you get the most out of your AGVs.

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