Reconstruction of bending machines
Reconstruction of bending machines

Optimize the service life of your equipment by rebuilding bending machines

The rebuilding of bending machines represents an ideal solution for manufacturers wishing to combine technological modernity and efficiency, while extending the life of their equipment.

EOS is aware of this need, and is the ideal partner in France and Europe for retrofitting bending machines. Located in Lyon, our company combines expertise and innovation thanks to an experienced team. We provide optimal retrofitting, perfectly tailored to your needs, guaranteeing increased productivity and precision.

Tube bending modernized thanks to custom rebuilding

The tube bending sector is constantly evolving, prompting manufacturers to look for solutions to modernize their tooling without making heavy investments in new equipment.

EOS offers a sustainable alternative: a bender retrofitting service. This service involves updating your machines, preserving as many mechanical components as possible and incorporating the latest innovations in numerical control.

Our solutions are particularly aimed at companies with obsolete tube bending machines that they no longer really know how to use. By choosing to refurbish your bending machines, you benefit from a double advantage: a state-of-the-art machine adapted to your specific needs, while keeping your budget under control.

EOS is committed not only to providing you with a high-performance retrofit service, but one that is also sustainable. This ensures that your bending machine refurbishment is in line with your sustainable production objectives. This means that every rebuilt machine is designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Our machine upgrade process helps reduce the amount of waste generated by equipment replacement, while delivering optimum performance.

Local expertise at the service of industry


EOS, based in Lyon, has become a key player in the retrofit of bending machines in France and Europe. Our in-depth knowledge of industrial needs enables us to provide you with a solution perfectly adapted to your activity and production processes. Before rebuilding, we first carry out a precise assessment of your machine's condition to identify the operations and updates that need to be carried out.


We work closely with you to ensure that every service is precisely tailored to your requirements. The result? Renovated tube bending machines increase productivity by reducing downtime. Our after-sales service ensures that each machine continues to operate optimally, with responsive and competent technical support.

The competitive advantage of rebuilt tube bending machines

Rebuilding tube bending machines is a real competitive advantage. This technical and technological upgrade allows you to benefit from machines that are almost as good as new, without the prohibitive costs associated with purchasing new equipment. With updated bending machines, you can process materials such as steel with greater precision and efficiency.

We also provide comprehensive training for your staff on the latest CNC systems, to ensure optimum, autonomous operation of your bending machines.

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