Bending tools
Bending tools

Bending tooling: EOS excellence for customized design

The art of tube bending is an advanced technical skill, indispensable in many industrial sectors. EOS, founded in 2010 and based in the Lyon region, is renowned for its expertise in the design and manufacture ofbending tooling.

With a team whose members have over thirty years’ experience, EOS is a trusted partner for manufacturers in France and Europe.

Precision mechanics: the heart of EOS services

Precision engineering is a cornerstone at EOS. Our company guarantees impeccable quality and reliability in its services, including the creation of new bending machines, rebuilding (retrofit), and the manufacture ofbending tools.

This expertise enables EOS to meet today’s industry requirements and the specific needs of each customer. With an experienced team, EOS promises customized, high-performance tube bending solutions.

Design of custom bending machines and bending tools


EOS excels in the design of CNC bending machines, specializing in Siemens systems. Our company carefully analyzes its customers' needs to design not only bending machines, but also customized bending tools, designed to work with the machines we build, or with pre-existing machines.


We can design and produce any bending part. Better still: depending on your needs and the tasks to be carried out, we can advise you on which parts to choose, thanks to the expertise of our mechanical and automation design office.

The design of specific bending tools guarantees optimum compatibility and performance with each machine.

Bending machine rebuilding: the strategic retrofit option

In addition to creating new machines and tools for tube bending, EOS specializes in rebuilding bending machines. The retrofit service enables you to modernize existing machines, adapting them to the latest technologies.

This option is ideal for companies wishing to keep their equipment up and running while complying with current industry requirements. EOS offers you an upgrade solution that takes into account your budget, desired precision and cycle time, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Support and training: EOS' complete commitment

EOS’ added value goes beyond the simple manufacture of bending equipment. Our company offers full support, including maintenance of the bending machines and customized training sessions after on-site implementation.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced operator, EOS offers hands-on training so you can operate your new or rebuilt machine independently. This service guarantees the longevity and performance of every piece of equipment.

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