Maintenance and training
Bender maintenance and training

Bending machine maintenance and training: the key to optimal production

EOS, which has been based in the Lyon region since 2010, has established itself as a key partner in tube bending. With decades of experience in the field, EOS excels in creating robust, flexible, high-performance and easy-to-maintain bending machines.

More than just design, EOS is committed to providing a complete service to its customers, including bending machine maintenance and staff training, guaranteeing the efficiency and durability of its machines.

Maintenance of EOS bending machines: Reliability and performance

EOS offers its expertise in bending machine maintenance. EOS offers a tailor-made service, whether as part of a one-off intervention or as part of a maintenance contract.

Our preventive and corrective maintenance services also extend to machines from other manufacturers, ensuring complete coverage of your machinery. This may involve repairing mechanical parts, replacing electrical components or automation, due to a breakdown or preventively, in order to extend the life and safety of the equipment and continue to ensure nominal machine operation.

EOS’s responsive and experienced customer service is a major asset for companies looking for reliable support. You’ll benefit from tailor-made support in all circumstances.

EOS tube bending training: Unique know-how

In the absence of official tube bending training courses, EOS fills this gap by offering practical, hands-on training sessions.

These 1 to 3-day bending courses are designed for groups of 2 to 6 people, and take place directly on site. The emphasis is on hands-on practice, with a minimum of theory, to ensure rapid assimilation and familiarization with industrial machines.

By training your staff in the use and programming of bending machines, EOS ensures that your teams are quickly and efficiently up to speed.

Why choose EOS for your training and maintenance needs?

Choosing EOS for maintenance and training on bending machines means opting for expertise recognized in France and Europe. The benefits are manifold: comprehensive support, proven know-how and a hands-on approach ensure optimum machine utilization.

EOS’ long experience in creating custom bending machines and bending tools translates into unrivalled quality and reliability, making us a preferred partner for manufacturers in all sectors.

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