CNC bending machine
CNC Bending Machine

CNC bending machine: Full service with EOS

Innovation and precision are the watchwords when it comes to tube bending. The numerically controlled bending machines developed by EOS meet this requirement, providing customized solutions for manufacturers in all sectors.

Founded in 2010 and proud of its expertise in the Lyon region, EOS has established itself as a key industrial partner for numerous companies in France and Europe, offering machines that incorporate the most advanced technologies. In a market where adaptability and efficiency dictate the rules, our services in the design and manufacture of CNC bending machines make the difference, guaranteeing continuous improvement in productivity and quality. Find out more about our services.

CNC bending machines: At the heart of innovation at EOS

EOS stands out for its innovative approach to manufacturing digital bending machines adapted to the complex requirements of various industrial sectors. Our machines are designed to offer real flexibility, enabling tube bending with near-surgical precision, essential for maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace. They represent powerful assets for your workshop, enabling you to carry out a variety of tasks such as laser cutting, straightening, or other specific machining./p>.

Each machine is custom-built after a complete study to best meet the needs of your business on a long-term basis, whether your requirement is for electric benders capable of tackling heavy machining or delicate finishing tasks. Every detail, from tube diameter to material type, is taken into account to offer a solution that optimizes cycle times and flexibility of use.

Whether you work in the automotive, aerospace, construction or any other sector, our solutions are designed to boost your productivity.

Our experience in customized design

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EOS is a team of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the field. Because everything is done in-house, from design to delivery and on-site training, we are able to provide you with impeccable quality of service from start to finish, since our different departments combine their know-how and work together on our premises.


Our team has many years' experience (some employees have been with the company for several decades), and our knowledge of both technical aspects and the standards of the various industrial sectors means that we can guarantee the reliability of your control systems. For tube bending machines, we are particularly familiar with Siemens systems.

Bending machine rebuilding: sustainable optimization of your equipment

Sustainability is at the heart of today’s industrial concerns. With this in mind, EOS also offers rebuilding and retrofit services for your existing bending machines.

This approach makes it possible to incorporate the latest technological advances without having to purchase new equipment. By choosing retrofit, you’re opting for an economical and responsible solution that improves the performance and precision of your digital bending machines, while extending their service life.

Comprehensive support: from training to maintenance

Full service

The EOS commitment goes beyond simply delivering a machine; we are committed to the success of your projects. The on-site installation of your digital tube bending machine and the training of your personnel are key stages that we manage with the utmost care. Your operators are fully trained to program and operate the machines, whether they're a freshly designed bender or a retrofitted model.


What's more, our after-sales service guarantees the maintenance and technical assistance required to ensure that your production line never suffers a prolonged shutdown.

They trust us

We would be delighted to provide you with any further information you may require, to request a quotation or to make an appointment. Contact us to find out how our custom-built digital benders can transform your production.

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