Bending tools
Bending Tools

Optimize your production with customized bending tools

Significant advances have been made in tube bending, and EOS, a company founded in 2010 in the Lyon region, is now the European leader in this field.

With a team whose members boast over thirty years’ experience, EOS combines know-how and innovation to meet the specific needs of each company. Whether you’re a large corporation or an SME, EOS offers customized solutions forbending tool design, with a focus on precision, durability and compliance with current standards.

Our expertise in precision mechanics for custom manufacturing

Tube bending requires a high degree of technical expertise, an area in which EOS excels. Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees, we can guarantee you reliable and precise bending tool manufacture.

Specific tools are developed for each project, guaranteeing perfect adaptation to your production needs. This mechanical precision is at the heart of the EOS service, and is essential to guarantee high-quality tube bending.

Custom design of bending machines and tooling


During the design phase, EOS works closely with its customers to analyze and understand their specific needs. Whether it's a CNC bending machine or customized bending tools, EOS tailors its services to the unique requirements of each business.


We can advise you on which bending parts to manufacture according to your needs. These will be fully compatible with your machines or with the benders we manufacture.

Thanks to the rigor and expertise of our design office specialized in mechanics and automation, EOS guarantees that every tool designed and manufactured meets the most stringent standards in the sector, offering an optimal solution for your production.

Retrofit and upgrade services for bending machines


EOS doesn't just manufacture new bending machines. The company also offers retrofit services, enabling existing machines to be updated with the latest technologies.


An ideal option for those wishing to retain their existing equipment while upgrading it to meet modern industry requirements. Taking into account your budget, desired accuracy and cycle time, EOS offers an efficient, tailor-made updating process.

Support and training from EOS

EOS service doesn’t end with the delivery of your bending equipment.

The company offers comprehensive support, including bender maintenance and staff training. Whether your team is new or experienced, EOS organizes training sessions to help you master the use and programming of your new or rebuilt bending machine. This ongoing support ensures not only the longevity of your equipment, but also its efficiency and performance over time.

They trust us
Do you have a project in mind?

EOS is at your disposal for any requests you may have concerning the design of CNC bending machines, bending parts or the retrofitting of your equipment. Contact us to benefit from our expertise and tailor-made solutions

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