AGV Snox
AGV Snox

Optimize your Snox AGVs with the EOS retrofit service

The automation of industrial processes and machines has become a key element of competitiveness in the production sector. At the heart of this transformation, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) play a crucial role in optimizing warehousing and logistics.

Although Snox AGVs have been out of production for several years, they are still used in many sectors.

EOS, expert in industrial robotics and precision mechanics, offers a retrofit service for these automated systems to give them a second life and avoid costly new acquisitions.

Snox retrofit: a tailor-made solution for cost-effective modernization

The Snox retrofit service offered by EOS is designed to meet the specific needs of manufacturers wishing to modernize their AGV fleet.

This approach allows us to retain the essence of the mechanics, thus reducing design and engineering costs. Preserving almost 95% of the initial mass of AGVs is not just an economic victory; it’s also a remarkable ecological step, limiting waste and encouraging the reuse of equipment.

Retrofit modernization enables the integration of advanced functionalities and the addition of new ones, such as a graphical user interface and diagnostic tools for optimized preventive maintenance, ensuring greater reliability and performance of automated systems.

This approach makes it possible to extend the lifespan of equipment and gradually migrate to a new system, so that it remains perfectly adapted to technological innovations. This keeps your AGVs operational without the need for replacement.

Improving the safety of Snox automated vehicles through retrofitting

The upgrade of Snox AGVs as part of the retrofit proposed by EOS is not limited to improved performance and efficiency; it also includes a significant update in safety standards.

By integrating the latest technologies and safety features, EOS ensures that retrofitted AGVs meet today’s regulatory requirements. This proactive approach to safety not only ensures a safer working environment for employees, but also reinforces equipment compliance with international standards, an essential aspect for companies operating in a variety of sectors.

EOS: experts at your service, tailor-made support

EOS has in-depth knowledge of Snox systems, as some of our engineers worked for the brand on these vehicles before production ceased a few years ago. This experience enables us to offer retrofit solutions that go beyond simple technical upgrades, offering a genuine transformation of vehicles’ operational capabilities. By working closely with its customers to understand their specific needs, EOS ensures that each retrofit project meets the company’s production and safety objectives. The EOS proposal goes beyond a simple service: it represents a strategic partnership.
To find out more about our Snox retrofit services and how we can help your company achieve its production and efficiency goals, contact us today.
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