CNC bending machine
CNC bending machine

CNC bending machine : An innovative, tailor-made solution with EOS

Modern industry is constantly striving for precision and efficiency, and this is where the integration of a reliable, high-performance CNC bending machine comes into its own.

Established in the Lyon region since 2010, EOS has rapidly earned a reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery. Our expertise in tube bending enables us to offer you tailor-made solutions that combine innovation, precision and durability, meeting the stringent requirements of different industrial sectors.

Digital bending machines designed to meet your business requirements

The challenges of bending require advanced technological solutions. EOS is committed to providing industrial bending machines that meet the expectations of manufacturers.

Our CNC bending machines are the result of meticulous development, aimed at combining the flexibility needed for various industrial applications with the precision required for complex operations.

From optimizing cycle times to adapting to different materials and part diameters. Each machine is designed and configured to meet your needs perfectly.

Audit, customized study: a true partnership based on trust

Full audit

Each project begins with a comprehensive audit to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs. EOS, with its staff having decades of experience in the design of digital bending machines, guarantees you a made-to-measure service. Our team has proven expertise in the integration of complex systems, particularly from Siemens. The machines we create will improve your productivity while complying with the strictest industrial standards.


Our engineers and technicians work closely together to create machines that not only meet your current requirements, but are also scalable to anticipate your future needs. Our in-house process, from design to delivery, guarantees you impeccable quality from start to finish, and seamless integration of your new bending machines into your production line.

Retrofit bending machines: extend the life of your machines

Aware of today’s economic and ecological challenges, we also offer a rebuilding and updating service for your existing bending machines. Retrofitting allows you to integrate current technologies into existing machines, enabling you to maintain your equipment while adapting it to current production requirements. This reduces costs while increasing machine performance and precision. By choosing our retrofit services, you’re opting for sustainable, efficient production.

Staff training and maintenance :
the plus that makes all the difference

Full service

EOS doesn't just supply state-of-the-art digital tube bending machines. We are committed to a full-service partnership with our customers.

Staff training

In addition to local support from start to finish, where each stage of the service is validated with you, this commitment also includes on-site installation once your machine has been manufactured, assembled and configured, as well as staff training for fully autonomous use.


Finally, we also take care of the maintenance of your tube bending machines. Thanks to a responsive and competent after-sales service, EOS ensures rapid technical assistance and intervention when needed, minimizing production downtime.

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