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Optimize your production with a state-of-the-art, custom-built digital bending machine

Innovation in digital bending is an essential competitive advantage for manufacturers seeking to optimize their manufacturing processes.

In this constantly evolving technological world, EOS has established itself as a leading player in the design and manufacture of CNC bending machines. Discover our services to meet your tube bending needs and improve your productivity.

Our expertise at the service of your industrial activity

Founded in 2010 and based in the heart of the Lyon region, EOS has earned a reputation for excellence thanks to its long experience in the manufacture of custom bending machines and the recognized expertise of its staff.

Manufacturers in all sectors, whether in France or Europe, know that EOS’ cutting-edge technology and know-how can transform their bending operations. We offer a service that covers both the creation of new machines and the rebuilding of existing bending machines. The machines we create combine solidity and technicality with real flexibility for all your operations.

From design to implementation, including staff training, EOS offers a turnkey service. Our CNC bending machines deliver precision and speed. Easily programmable, they are the solution of choice for improving productivity and performing operations on complex parts with unrivalled reliability.

The EOS custom CNC bender design service

Made to measure

Tube bending needs are specific to each company, and often require a tailor-made approach. EOS is able to offer a whole range of digital bending machines to meet any demand, whatever the requirements of your business. Flexibility of tooling use and adaptation to parts of different diameters and materials, such as aluminum tubes, are among the factors we take into account, as is cycle time.


Whether you need to handle heavy-duty machining or tasks such as laser cutting or straightening, anything is possible. This positions EOS as a strategic industrial partner.

Our design service extends beyond the simple electric bender: we can create any type of bender, the only limit being your budget and the time required.

EOS guarantees you machines that combine quality and production speed, perfectly adapted to your needs and constraints.

Retrofitting: a second life for your bender

Machine durability is a key factor in modern industry. EOS understands this and offers rebuilding and updating services for digital bending machines. These retrofitting services not only extend the life of existing equipment, but also integrate the latest technological advances in terms of programming and numerical control.

This service is essential for companies wishing to improve productivity without having to invest heavily in new equipment. The EOS promise is to provide a machine with optimized performance for tube bending.

We have particular expertise in Siemens systems.

On-site training and implementation: autonomy in CNC programming

For EOS, thepurchase of an electric bender marks the beginning of a partnership with our customers. That’s why our company provides on-site machine installation and dedicated training so that staff can modify programming and parameters independently.

This is crucial if operators are to master the specifics of bending and folding, as well as the intricacies of CNC machines. EOS therefore positions itself as a partner, ensuring that every investment in its bending machines is synonymous with added value for the end-user.

We also provide machine maintenance.

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