Special Machine Design
Special Machine Design

Special machine design: Discover EOS know-how

The design of special-purpose machines represents a crucial challenge for industries seeking to optimize their production processes.

To meet the specific needs of each activity, EOS, a specialist service provider in the Rhône-Alpes region, offers tailor-made design and manufacturing services for industrial machines, positioning itself as a partner of choice in France and Europe. Discover our offer.

Special machines: tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industrial needs

When designing special industrial machines, we approach each project with a careful analysis of the customer’s needs. This initial stage involves working closely with the customer to define precisely the tasks to be performed and the specific constraints to be met.

Whether it’s a simple idea or a pre-existing specification, our aim is to provide our customers with an efficient, customized automation solution. We can create machines for all types of applications: bending, transport and logistics, intra-process transfer, assembly, cutting, punching, unscrewing, specific control, etc.

A rigorous design process and in-depth studies

Detailed study

At EOS, special machines are built with rigor, ingenuity, dependability and innovation in mind. At the end of the functional analysis, our design office team carries out a detailed mechanical study to determine the optimum process and operating principle for the machine.


Once the concept has been approved, we draw up detailed plans in parallel with an electrical automation study to check the compatibility of the various elements and the technological feasibility, while maintaining constant communication with the customer to ensure that what is proposed meets his expectations. Sourcing and procurement are carried out last, just before manufacturing in our workshops in the Lyon region.

It is also possible to call on our services to obtain only a valid concept and a detailed study.

In-house manufacturing and integration of special machines

The manufacture of specific machines at EOS is an entirely in-house process. Once the design has been validated and the components procured, our fitters, electricians and technicians take over to assemble, wire, configure and program the machine. Each stage of production is rigorously supervised to ensure impeccable results.

Once the machine is ready, we install it on site and train the personnel, for a complete, turnkey service.

EOS: In-depth expertise in technology and automation

Cutting-edge technologies

As a supplier of innovative industrial solutions for the creation of specific industrial machines, EOS excels in the integration of cutting-edge technologies (Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff, Schneider...) and industrial automation.

Custom-built special machines

EOS's flexibility, technical expertise and ability to supply special machines tailored to the specific needs of each customer make us the partner of choice for manufacturers in all sectors.

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