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Special machine Lyon: Benefit from EOS expertise for a customized design

When it comes to acquiring a new special machine in Lyon, expertise and precision are paramount. In the Rhône-Alpes region, renowned for its innovative industry, companies are turning to tailor-made solutions to stay competitive.

EOS, based in the Lyon region since 2010, is renowned for its tailor-made approach to the design and manufacture of special machines, meeting the specific needs of manufacturers in all sectors.

Our company offers a complete service: from initial audit to maintenance, mechanical design and large-scale projects. Whether you operate in France or in Europe, our promise remains the same: to offer a precise technical solution to a need, in perfect harmony with your production line.

Solutions for the creation of special industrial machines in the Rhône-Alpes region

The ability to adapt to technological developments and to the standards governing different sectors is essential for companies, and represents a constant challenge. The special machine design service in Lyon offered by EOS meets this requirement by providing customized solutions.

Each project calls on the engineering talents of our team to provide you with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your production lines, whether your business is in the nuclear, aeronautical, automotive, space or other sectors. Our dedicated engineering department carefully analyzes your needs and production processes before providing you with a detailed study that we validate together.

Each service is therefore carried out in close collaboration with our customers. So, whether you’ve already drawn up a set of specifications, or you’re looking for a complete technical solution to a specific need, we’ll adapt and support you in writing or refining your specifications if necessary. Our multi-disciplinary team is capable of working on any type of industrial machine, taking your processes into account. The only limit? Your budget and deadline.

Know-how built on long experience

Detailed study

In the field of precision mechanics, EOS's strength lies in its offer of complete project management, from design to delivery, and even staff training for fully autonomous use. EOS manages each stage in-house with the precision of a goldsmith.


Our design office specializes in mechanics and automation, and brings together experienced professionals in mechanics, electronics and automation. This pooling of know-how enables us to design reliable equipment that meets your requirements. Our team carries out a rigorous feasibility study before selecting the most suitable technologies and components to meet the most stringent industry standards, and to guarantee you long-lasting use.

At your service

Our solutions are scalable: we take into account future upgrades and component changes. Their long-term availability is therefore one of the criteria we take into account when sourcing.

Manufacturing and installation: Quality made in Rhône-Alpes

At EOS, the manufacture of special machines brings together different in-house skills in an equally rigorous manner. Once the design has been validated, the various parts manufactured and the components received, our teams of fitters, electricians and technicians take over to assemble and wire each element with the utmost rigor.

EOS special machines are built with precision mechanics and meticulous electrical engineering integration, guaranteeing the quality and performance of the whole. Our in-house manufacturing process ensures optimum consistency and efficiency, from the first bolt to the last programming step.

Once the machine has been assembled, our specialized technicians carry out inspection tests to ensure that everything is in order. The XM inspection machine we use enables us to carry out this final, essential step before delivery, with the utmost precision.

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