Special machine manufacturer
Special machine manufacturer

Special machine manufacturer: optimized production thanks to a customized model

The search for a competent special-purpose machine manufacturer has become a priority for manufacturers aiming to optimize their production lines. By opting for a customized solution rather than a standardized model, you can fully meet the specific needs of your business and production site.

It is precisely for this reason that EOS is a privileged partner for manufacturers in all sectors in France and Europe. Thanks to our experience and know-how in the design and manufacture of customized industrial equipment, we are able to adapt to our customers’ industrial processes and design a perfectly adapted technical solution.

Custom design services for industrial machines

When it comes to special machines, EOS pays particular attention to the specific needs of each industrial customer. Our Lyon-based company offers unique expertise in designing solutions for sectors as diverse as nuclear, aeronautics, automotive and space.

Founded in 2010, EOS creates customized industrial machines rather than selling a range of standardized machines. This ensures optimum adaptation to each customer’s production processes.

Whether you’re a major client or an SME, EOS can support you right from the start of your project – whether you need to define a requirement and draw up a specification accordingly, or start from an existing specification. EOS guarantees special-purpose industrial machines designed to meet the exacting requirements of each task, with rigorous attention to the specific constraints of each sector.

Expertise and mechanical engineering for innovation

Detailed audit

Each service begins with a complete audit to identify your needs as accurately as possible. Our integrated mechanical and automation design office then carries out a meticulous mechanical study to verify feasibility, and determine the most suitable technologies and components. For the latter, we take into account their availability over time, so that they can be easily replaced.


Thanks to the skills of our experienced team, we can provide you with an advanced mechanical engineering solution and work with you to validate the concept of your special machine.

Manufactured entirely in-house

Once the study and design phase is complete, EOS takes charge of the entire manufacturing process for your special machines. Once the various elements have been manufactured and the components received, our fitters, electricians and technicians get to work, assembling, wiring, configuring and programming the machine, guaranteeing flawless quality and conformity.

We then set up the system on site, and train staff to use it autonomously. This turnkey approach is the great strength of EOS, and enables us to guarantee you impeccable quality of service and better coordination of every stage, with our engineers and technicians working hand in hand.

Choosing EOS as your industrial partner for special-purpose machines is a strategic investment in optimizing your production over the long term, especially as each solution is unique and scalable. Our machines are designed to be upgradable (a service we also offer) in line with technological developments and the requirements of the sector and your business.

They trust us

Contact us today for further information, to request a quote or to book an appointment. We look forward to bringing your project to life!

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